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Archive for July, 2010

Remember the S600?

tmp28EBMany years ago one of the first of the modern “photo printers” I bought was the Canon S600. This was before they starting putting daft things like chips in the cartridges and so despite Canon’s high cartridge pricing, in practice you could get cartridges as cheap as a couple of quid… and I did.  This printer did some heavy duty printing but was eventually replaced by one of the IP series – and then onto HP etc etc… but the S600 still sat there in a corner until one day my wife needed a printer and so she had the thing for maybe a year or so – again putting the cheapest ink we could get into it.

After it had laid around for several more months gathering dust, when we first decided to buy a place in Spain I decided to give it a go – heads looked shot but a quick deep clean and it was back on it’s feet.

The printer has now been in Spain for 2 years more or less… and suffered last winter with incredible damp. Well, we’re now on top of that having cleaned up furniture that was affected – all’s well.

Today I fired up the printer to find it was out of ink – I replaced the ink with a couple of cartridges that have been here since we got the place… the yellow remains low… these were cheap imitation ink cartridges as usual.  I’ve just run the deep clean and the magenta as a couple of missing lines.. I need to get some yellow before giving it another clean – but other than that, the good old S600 is BACK IN ACTION – would you believe it….  I wonder how more modern printers would fare…. I’ve some research on bar codes to do while I’m here so the printer is essential….  talk about good value for money!

And yes, Windows 7 64-bit loads the drivers automatically, no need to go searching!

House of Commons Trip

House of CommonsAnd a very nice time was had by all. My first trip to the House of Commons Terrace since we kicked out the disastrous left.

Sadly cameras are not really on though I did manage a picture of the EYE… a really super night last week, weather was HOT in London, the FSB had it’s Summer Reception on the Terrace after first having the house speaker John Bercow open our new office in Catherine Place, we then went off to to our summer reception which was opened by Mark Prisk. There are some photos in the FSB’s press gallery of the event…

The speech was relatively short but interesting after which John Walker did his bit and then we got on with the business of meeting up with old acquaintances and some new. Shame however we didn’t have our two new leaders in – I’ve never met Nick Clegg face to face and that would be nice. The evening ended with a small number of us heading off to the nearest Indian. Lovely.

Big Brother on the Trains

Big Brother on the Train

According to Northeast railways or whatever they’re called now, the railway formerly known as GNER, they’re installing video cameras to keep an eye out FOR you – as against ON you. 

They’ve not gotten their WIFI working properly yet, keep forgetting the newspapers in first class, keep running out of sandwiches, have bust air-conditioning…..  and here they are spending money to spy on us! Next time you pick your nose on the train – note that it’s recording!

Chances of Rain – ZILCH

Just thought you might like to see this …  or not.. yes, that’s ZERO chance of rain in sunny Galera, Andalucia for the coming week, meanwhile it’s STILL raining in the Northeast of England! Head on over to www.bedrock.es for more….