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Archive for December, 2012

A Happy New Year to All

Today we spent the day at our holiday cottage – having reserved it for a few days – we often travel abroad but this year we thought it would be nice to stay local. Not ones for organised partying we were at the Cheviot in Bellingham a few weeks ago and made a booking for dinner for tonight on the understanding that normal meals would be running (I have a "christmas food" gene missing)!

Their food is great but I’m not one for Christmas food (or Christmas pricing) so this sounded like a bargain!

This afternoon we had lunch in a train carriage at the Bellingham heritage centre (very civilised) and then after a short break headed off to the Cheviot. When we got there tonight the whole thing almost fell to bits – apparently the chef had changed his mind and they were offering only a special menu – the usual Christmas stuff…  we were in the process of checking the local takeaway when one of the (very helpful) guys behind the bar came over to assure us that normal food would indeed be available.  AT LAST a pub that puts customers first! Well done.

We had a very nice meal and I have to say the house wine is absolutely lovely. Approaching midnight, Maureen has given up  and I’m watching Keith Lemon (who despite at first glance being a little crude is actually quite funny). Despite being only a few miles away from home – it really feels like a mini-holiday break.

Cheviot Hotel in Bellingham

A Happy New Year to everyone – lets hope 2013 takes us a little nearer to the 21st century of yore – and not the unhappy one we’ve seen up to now.  Remember "Blade Runner" and the "off-world colonies" – it was on TV last night – at the start, the opening text says something like "in the early part of the 21st century" – well – we’re there!!!

Mind you – they didn’t have tablets or smartphones in the movie…

Amazing Anamorphic Illusion

Watch this – amazing

Watch this–but then watch again and this time check out the first zoom in on the sellotape – he’s cheating – that WAS a real roll of blue tape – note the brick behind it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Tablet Cheap

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1How to get the bargain of the year (UK only) – but don’t mess about as it’s almost over. The Samsung tablet is not one of the most advanced in the world – the Nexus 7 for example out-performs it and the Apple iPad blows it away – however what makes this tablet so special is not the bright, clean, fast screen – or the almost up to date Jelly Bean software, it’s not the all-day battery and not even the stereo speakers (which neither the iPad nor the Nexus have or if they do you can’t tell).

No, it’s the £145 price tag for a quality 10.1” tablet that does it!

Now where do I get that from – everyone knows if you go to Tesco, PC-World or Currys it’d £238 and also it’s the same price on the web. It’s also well known that it’s retail price is considerably more than that.

This then would appear to be the ultimate in bargains!

claim formSimple enough… CarPhone Warehouse if you can find any in the stores, are selling this for a true £195 – no catches other than that they’ve run out in the online stores – you have to check individual stores (but you can do that online).

Buy the tablet and then wait no less than 15 days and no more than 30 (I’d be making it 15) and go to samsungback2college.com and fill in the form – you MUST have your receipt and you MUST not leave it too late. 30 days later – you get £50 cash-back.

So other than the specs, what’s the machine like? Well, I would NOT have paid £300 for it, I’m thinking about £250 would have been the maximum and even then I might’ve held out and bought the Nexus 10 and paid the extra. But at £195 it’s a BARGAIN. At £145 – don’t even think about it! But hurry, they’ll be just about gone now – the white ones were gone when I got there.

Educating Parents

Ok, I’ll grant you it’s a little unseasonable – but then as we’ve had this Christmas stuff shoved down our throats for the last couple of months – mainly thanks to commerce, I found this particularly funny.

Educating parents about Jesus