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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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Archive for July, 2015

All Change

selfie scargillsThe last time I wrote in here we lived in Wark, in Northumberland where we’d been for, what, 15 years? And then – all change. Today we’re in Andalusia as we have been for the last couple of weeks – and we plan to stay here at least until the end of October. Wark is long-term rent and we have a nice couple in there, Bellingham is fully booked from now until November and we’ll take that over a for a while in the winter to do some maintenance while waiting for Spain to warm up again!

We brought the car and the cats this time – they’re kind of settling in but it will take time. It’s amazing to think that we’ve had our place in Spain for 8 years now – so I guess it was the logical conclusion to start making proper trips – the car journey from Portsmouth really wasn’t that bad.

LizardOver here in Spain it has rarely dropped below 35c in the afternoons for the past few weeks – all I can say is thank heavens for (cold) hot-tubs and pools. Maureen is working on improvements around the house and I’ve been struggling with everything from dodgy delivery companies to issues with the blog which I’m glad to say are all now resolved and I have a brand new fast “VPS” on which to run my various blogs including this one.

This coming week I’m off to Boston, USA for a few days. I’ve been invited to be involved in the FABFEST there by a company called Espressif – they make one of the very high-tech chips I talk about a lot in my tech blog.  It will be nice to be surrounded in a conference with enthusiastic younger people and to see what the latest ideas are – and of course to return a little knowledge to the community. I’ll blog about this on Facebook and elsewhere no doubt once I get settled in Boston with an Internet connection!

Derelict building in Andalusia