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Archive for October, 2015

A Summer to remember

As our time in Spain draws to a close – we have only a short time left before returning for a while to miserable, sopping wet Britain – something I don’t at ALL do voluntarily, it is worth noting that in our time here this year, which started in July, I could easily count on both hands how many times we’ve seen rain.

Temperatures here in Andalusia are maybe hitting 22c in the afternoon with a few exceptions but a somewhat chilly 8c at night. we’ve had the heating on for 2 days this year up to now.  Down at the coast from where we’ve just returned from a short break with friends, we had one sunny day this weekend, equivalent to a typical British “better” summer’s day – and one cloudy day though in both cases the temperature rarely dipped below 18c and peaked I think around 24c.


Things I won’t miss include lazy good for nothing couriers and absence of B&Q but that’s about it. Oh and dogs – endless, pointless barking. I won’t miss that. Things I will miss are friends, cheap beer, even cheaper fuel, sunshine, swimming pools, great food and friendly Spanish people. Still, only a short time before we can start a 6 month Spanish trip in earnest. This one was cut short by the most amazing combination of bad luck and ropy workmanship last year, next time we’ll be better prepared. Maybe when we come back our new adopted external cat family will still be here.


Thankfully my cyber community I’ll be taking with me – at the time of writing, I’ve around 1000 visitors a day to the tech blog (http://tech.scargill.net) and I think approaching 800 followers on Twitter. Hopefully over the winter I can give them some useful write-ups.