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Archive for August, 2019

Life after a Stroke

A friend recently asked me an interesting question… someone who probably knows I write blogs, make extensive use of social media and create things like YouTube videos. I was asked if I had blogged about my experiences as a stroke survivor?

StrokeWell, the short answer is that though I’ve spoken to several people about the subject and jotted down the odd note, no, I’ve not really blogged about my situation as it never occurred to me that it might be helpful to others, so here goes, I hope someone finds this useful. I’ve also realised that Google calendar is screwing up past events so this will be my reliable record of related events.

There are many aspects to what is commonly known as a “stroke” and no doubt I’ll miss some important stuff here but I’ll do my best. Firstly there is “having a stroke”, there is the immediate to medium-term aftermath and the long-term recovery process and then there is society’s attitude to stroke survivors – a combination of human empathy and help at best and gross ignorance and even callousness at the other end. Indeed, someone asked me if the stroke had anything to do with the brain I’m not entirely sure how it is possible to reach adulthood and not know that much…

The beginning: In December 2017 at age 63, having recently taken the decision to back away from an all consuming and very active tech and business life in favour of enjoying simply living (preferably in the sun) rather than work as many do, possibly until they are no longer able to enjoy travel) and while minding my own business on a Saturday night in my office as my wife and grand-daughter watched TV, I apparently had what is commonly called an ischemic stroke.

Bear in mind that up until that point I had been a much over-weight but otherwise perfectly healthy and happy guy, completely devoid of hypochondria who was settling nicely into “retirement” and that in December I was busy ignoring the cold weather in the Northeast of England by blogging and reviewing high tech gadgets (as normal) in time for the Christmas.

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