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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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A Crappy Winter Morning

Lovely winter morning? Not lovely winter morning! The first of these pictures was sadly taken precisely 1,198.3 miles (1,928.5km) North of the second (hence the quality variation) mid-morning this morning. For anyone looking in while enjoying the sunshine in Southern Spain, please spare a thought for friends suffering the current god-forsaken weather in the Northeast of England.

Crappy winter morning

Lovely Winter Morning

Still, at least we still have mail from China. I’ve spent much of the Christmas holidays collecting new toys from our oriental friends, a great way to keep warm and at least I can keep an eye on our bolt-hole in Galera and enjoy the sun by proxy – a poor substitute for the real thing.

Christmas here has been quite pleasant, had two of our grand-children over for Christmas eve and Christmas morning and we’ve already been visiting with friends with more tomorrow. Meanwhile Maureen has been frantically decorating (we’re still renovating from the disgusting mess the Wouts left our home in but it’s now coming along nicely) and I’ve been frantically catching up on my tech video production after a marked absence over 2018 – along with doing lots of writing and office renovation. We’re all done with travel for a little while now, the plan is to head back into the sun in April, hopefully not before seeing friends we’ve not caught up with yet.

Update June 2023

Did I mention WOUT? Well, I’d long since forgotten about these disgusting people until the younger member of the family – who all but destroyed our home in Wark, rang Maureen up today – out of the blue – when she asked what he wanted – he was very extremely rude and hung up the phone – sadly I don’t have his number to ruin the remainder of his miserable excuse for a life – I was rather hoping they’d succumbed to Covid but it seems not. Ah well.

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