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A nice weekend in Jersey

After endless sunshine in Spain over August I figured that was about our lot for the year… but no, until Sunday we’re in Jersey at an annual conference at the hotel L’Horizon in St Brelades… and loving the seaside. My job yesterday was to answer a load of IT questions – that out of the way I spent the afternoon enjoying a really nice walk along St Brelade’s Bay (bottom left on the map), beautiful sunshine, nice breeze. This place really IS nice. To me it’s how a seaside SHOULD be (as against some of our abysmal and often cold efforts).

Beach at St Brelades Sea at St Brelades

Now if INCOMPETENT ORANGE would just stop sending me endless text messages…. “Hi from Orange,. Browse the Internet and keep in touch while in Jersey…. for just £2.94 per megabyte” – CAN YOU IMAGINE – nearly 3 quid for 1 email if it has an attachment.  Well, the first 5 identical texts yesterday morning had me going so I rang up Orange to complain – the usual “we really value your custom” just before they bombard you with crappy music… to cut a long story short I was PROMISED I’d get no more texts AT ALL from them. So by the end of the afternoon when another 5 or 6 had turned up I rang them up again. This time they were PROFUSELY sorry and gave me 10% off my bill for the next 3 months… “you will DEFINITELY get no more texts from us”.

That was teatime – since then I’ve had another 8 identical texts from them – including one at 7.01am this morning!!  I’m going to give them HELL when they open shop!

Well, we were up anyway, so off we went this morning to the sea… I can tell you – the water was FREEZING cold… thankfully after a short swim the hotel has the most amazing pool, sauna, hot tub etc… so now we’re ready to face the day… and breakfast!

Fed Ted

Hotel L'Horizon

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