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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also on occasion in Andalucia in Spain.

Read through the blog entries, menu-accessible pages and archives if you're interested! Welcome to Peter and Maureen's website.

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Pete's Online CV


Peter ScargillHi, I’m Peter Scargill. This is our website and it is the place to get information. Firstly a quick summary: I’m 63, I live in the UK and Spain with my wife Maureen and 3 cats. When in the UK we live in Northumberland (our grandchildren live in Whitley Bay) – in Spain we have a place in Andalusia.

Around WarkUntil recently I ran an IT consultancy specialising in the technology needs of small businesses – today I manage our holiday rental cottage in Bellingham with Maureen   – For 14 years I was the IT Director for the Federation of Small Businesses and Chairman of the Communications group within that organisation. I have been invited to various parts of Europe as a guest of the ESBA organisation and recently held the post of vice-chairman of a pan-European group, a subset of the ESCO group specialising in the IT sector. As a result of this I’ve had the opportunity recently to travel to Dublin, Gibraltar and had many, many trips to Brussels.

Galera, Andalucia in SpainWe have 5 grand-children. Maureen for many years was a teacher in Hexham Middle School and we both enjoy cinema and travel. We’re still trying to get to grips with the Spanish language – without too much success to date, I may add. We both enjoy travel, cinema and visiting friends. Maureen is into reading copious amounts of books (on her Android tablet), I’m currently engrossed in developing ever-increasing knowledge about the popular ESP8266-based hardware and software as well as an increasing interest in the new Raspberry Pi2 (lots more of that in the technical blog).