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Another White December

Willow CottageOk, last year didn’t come till the very end but this winter we’re off to a flying start in darkest Northumbria. While the rest of the country enjoys “variable weather” – we’re well and truly in the white stuff and it’s showing no signs of change.

Mid-last week the snow started and temperatures plummeted.. I don’t think we’ve seen anything above 2c since then and most of the time it’s way below zero.

Friday night the broadband went off here at Willow Cottage and stayed off until Monday – thankfully we’ve a “spare” in the form of Orange broadband which only JUST justifies the title. I was supposed to be in Blackpool but the roads here as you’ll see are very dangerous right now. If I had travelled I’d be coming back to even more as right now it’s snowing AGAIN.

Climate change YES, global warming… erm… I don’t think so.

Anyway, enough talk – here are the pictures taken this morning up in Wark.





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