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Brownian Motion

Is this REALLY the best that Gordon Brown could muster (speech)? In his speech to congress, the only people who seem to have been impressed were our own press – and they would…. but even then the infatuation quickly died… here are some extracts from the press…

Despite Mr Brown’s glowing summary of the "special relationship" between America and the UK Dana Milburn (Washington post sketch-writer) described Obama’s treatment of Gordon as "a surprisingly cool reception for an ally".

Conclusion? "He’s just not that into you" said the British press eventually. Time magazine dubbed the British media’s obsession with how the UK is viewed in the USA as "kid of pathetic".

Not content with screwing this country, returning to a time of strikes and discontent we’ve not seen since the 70’s, Brown has now managed to screw up a major opportunity to tighten bonds with the USA.

When will the people of this country WAKE UP and get rid of this utter and complete shower. Labour could not operate a brewery visit.

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