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Call me Dick!

Not content with insulting the majority of the UK’s small businesses,  Alan Michael Sugar (or cheap stereos as I remember him) has now managed to upset everyone else…(notice I didn’t use his title as I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME think why they gave him this – the guy is a disaster). Probably for the first time in history SMEs are in agreement with the TUC as he NOW has a go at women!

Apparently this is nothing new to anyone who watches “the apprentice” -  I watched 5 minutes of one episode and that was enough for me.  Sarah Veale of the TUC says that AMS has a “dated attitude that makes working life a real struggle for women” – well, and why not – he’s already made life difficult for our SMEs – whatever next?

The best possible outcome of this and about the only one that would leave AMS with any credibility at all (if that is possible) is for him to WALK. GIVE IT UP PAL.

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