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Updated 15 December 2013

We currently have 2 cats – they are Simba and Ruffy. For those of you who last saw Ollie in here – he disappeared a little while ago – we have no idea what happened to him but fear the worst. Feel free to click any of the images to see larger versions where available.



Ruffy (left) is half-breed Main Coone and Persian he’s quote fond of biting my fingers already and is EXTREMELY competitive with other cats.





Simba - who is Ollie's brother

Simba (right)  is Ollie’s younger brother (their mother was Rosie – see further down). We originally gave her kittens away, keeping only Ollie – but now we have him back – great cat, same colours as his mother and VERY much like his brother but lighter. Both are very affectionate though they’re still having pecking order issues with each other at this time. AT the time of writing, Simba has cleared off somewhere else in the village as he has trouble with the new chip-based cat-flap. We’ve notices in the post office.

Ollie (the large one) and Petal (the tiny one)

On the left you see Ollie with Petal – both gone – she never really did settle in with the other cats and tended to be finicky – I hope her new owners are having a nice time with her. He just disappeared.

As you’ll see below, one of our past cats, Rosie (top left in the set below) – had 4 kittens some time ago– they are shown here at 3 weeks old, they could see and the black one had JUST ABOUT mastered the cardboard box as you’ll see in the photos below. Enjoy… hover over the pics for explanations… we kept Ollie… and Simba is also one of those kittens below, most likely the lightest.

Pamela - one of Peter and Maureen Scargill's catsRight you’ll see Pamela – or “miserable git” as I often used to call her – she came from a Persian cat centre and the female owner was a bit “odd” as a result, Pamela was “odd” and easily frightened – she spent the first month of her time at our home hiding behind the sofa.

When she did lighten up she was very friendly, made a lot of noise and was partial to tucking her head under your chin. She died basically of old age.

Mum Rosie keeping an eye on the kittensFirst to figure out the escape route

Family portraitFamily portrait

Rosie - one of Peter and Maureen Scargill's catsThe picture on the right shows Rosie who died in an accident with a truck, she was a Maine Coon.  She was extremely cute and friendly and had an UTTER fascination with water, spending hours in the kitchen trying to stop drips coming out of the tap, or checking out the bath for signs of water coming back through the plug-hole etc. Our friend Kath will tell you she looked like a re-incarnated “Jimmy” – one of our first cats and one who used to spend much of his time in the office when I worked at home with staff and he was universally liked.  Rosie was Maureen’s favourite.



Lillie - one of Peter and Maureen Scargill's cats

Lillie (another Persian) also died of old age  at the ripe old age of 15. An absolutely wonderful personality but she did not look after herself and constantly needed de-knotting. This is one of many photos I’ve taken of her over the years and she was the most photogenic cat we’ve had by far.

Rosie - one of Peter and Maureen Scargill's cats

Before she died, Rosie had developed an interest in water and frequently came into the house soaking wet from wandering around in the stream outside – as does her son Ollie today. As you can see below, she was quite keen on the bath – and the loo… and one of her favourite pastimes was sitting next to the tap in the kitchen with her head in running water before wrapping herself around anyone or anything handy.


Rosie 1Rosie 2Rosie 3Rosie 4

Rosie 5Rosie 6Rosie 7Rosie 8

Rosie 9Rosie 10Rosie 11Rosie 12

Here, finally are some photos of earlier cats… hover over the images for names.

No photos of my one-time favourite black kitten who was run over when we lived in Newcastle.

Jimmy died a ripe old age - great catCan't remember her nameBiffaSmokey - another favourite