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MORE Excuses for Crappy Public Transport

Another trip to London and more travel misery. It’s be coming a habit. I arrived at Newcastle station to find Starbucks closed, part of the car-park out of commission for no apparent reason, the ticket machines displaying their guts as workmen looked inside and other services out of order. There’s always SOMETHING bust at that station. Alighting the train we started the usual barrage of reasons why the service was late, ending up leaving Peterborough a full half hour late.

Of course there is more to come as the London underground is in turmoil, not that you’d get me inside that terrorist target without a fight but that means less availability of taxis!

The ONLY reason I don’t take the car is the length of journey… 3 hours or so tends to be my limit before feeling the urge to doze off. Even taking a plane would not entirely solve the problem as you still need taxi/train at the other end.

It’s back to rain in the Northeast, down here past Peterborough it’s still sunny… maybe a couple of says more sun before we descend into winter. 5 weeks and counting to clear off again. Quite looking forward to my day in London tomorrow – myself and a small group of volunteers are going to learn about legal aspects of running forums.

Oh, “Have I got news for you” – Episode 28 Series 6 according to the iPlayer – if you’ve not seen it – it’s a must – funniest thing I’ve watched for months. they have the non-too-sharp-looking leader of the transport workers union on and Ian Heslop walks all over him – very funny.

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