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The government (apparently) is considering the idea of opt-out for spare body parts – AT LAST.

Like most of us, I “keep meaning” to get an organ donor card but lets face it we’ve all got so many other things to do… meanwhile people are dying out there despite our technology – because the doctors can’t get the parts they need to save lives.

As I get older I get more disillusioned with society and so if you’re still a believer in the good spirits of your fellow men – don’t go over to the BBC website – they’ve an article about this subject and there’s a comments section – you have never seen such a load of selfish responses in your life – one guy is worried in case the heart he gets is of the wrong religious persuasion – GET A LIFE – YOUR ORGANS DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. The sad thing is that I’d be prepared to bet the bank that those who make such comments, if they were on their deathbeds waiting for an organ – would take ANYTHING as long as it works.

As far as I’m concerned if my heart or lungs give up I don’t CARE about the background of the person who’s parts I get – as long as they’re HEALTHY!

What with this and starting the ball rolling on nuclear power plants, there’s hope for this government yet!

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