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Panoramas and How It’s Done!

Not as simple as it might seem, creating Panoramas and embedding them in a website – but I think I’ve cracked it.. been playing with this idea for years and finally have a working solution.

Firstly – you need something to make panoramas with.
On the iPhone there is 360 Panorama which is very good and so far, the best of the lot – but beware it’s not that clever in poor lighting. An alternative is to take several overlapping photos preferably with a decent camera and “stitch” them together. The problem with that is that there’s lots of software out there to do this but most of it is absolute rubbish, utterly failing to match light levels between pictures. An exception would be Serif’s PanoramaPlus – which is superb. I user version 3 but I see they’ve just brought out a new version. It works in Windows 7 and below, it works exceptionally well and it’s cheap. It really is very, very good. Sadly when it comes to playback – they only support Quicktime – which is hardly universal – but read on.

Secondly – you need to display the panorama
Ok, so you now have your panorama… what are you going to do with it – much of the software out there is jerky or otherwise rubbishy – other stuff costs a lot of money just to put a panorama on your website. Flickr and Google Web Albums are a godsend for images – and so CLEVR seems to be the same for panoramas. Simply upload your spiffy new panorama to the CLEVR site – embed the code in your website – and BOBS YOUR UNCLE!

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