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Royal Mail – Britain’s Last Great Joke

You would think that under the threat of the Internet, the Post Office would be trying to make itself more attractive but now – along comes the news that in April, anyone sick of waiting for the postman to turn up – which can in some cases be as late as 3pm, is going to be CHARGED for picking up the mail themselves, referred to by those in the know as “Mail Collect”.

How can it cost MORE to go pick up the mail yourself as against sitting around the house all day waiting for the mail?

They have absolutely and completely lost the PLOT!!! Meanwhile the price of stamps is going up – the first class stamp is to go up an inflation-busting 5p to 46p – and the second class to 36 pence.

Isn’t it a shame we can’t send parcels by the Internet – then we could tell the post office to go SHOVE IT UP THEIR BACKSIDES!

Dearer food, dearer petrol, dearer post, lower house values… higher VAT…  for how long I wonder will patient brits continue to take this. The last government and the banks caused the current situation – not the ordinary guy in the street, not the small businesses… how long before we say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?

Are we MEN or MICE… sadly, I feel, the latter.

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