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Seville – home of the Orange

Saturday: Today we travelled to Seville – which on any other day would have been a wondrous event as the place is lovely – however it rained all day which put the dampers on things a little. Having said that, it was 15-20 degrees for most of the day so still short-sleeve shirt weather.

We visited the Real Al Cazar and then, after an also-ran lunch the Cathedral. Well, it’s big, it has lots of paintings and stuff that should impress, but it’s SO big that after a while it all just goes in one eye and out of the other.

The city itself however is most impressive and definitely warrants another trip when the sun is out!

In common with everywhere else we’ve seen to up to how, the roads in and out are embarrassingly modern (I’m assuming the EU paid for this) – even once you get out into rural areas.

Complete with endless narrow streets full of touristy shops and restaurants, there is, I would imagine, something for everyone in Seville.

Interestingly as we parked in town, what looked like a policeman herded us into an available parking space. As we got out of the car he asked us how long we’d be staying – I said I was not sure – perhaps 4-5 hours. He thought about this and uttered “5 euros” in a friendly manner. Well, I paid him the 5 euros – and off he went to the next person to help them park!!

No receipt, no ticket… clearly there is a learning excercise to be had here. The guide says little on the subject other than to say that the parking wardens are mainly “unofficial” whatever that means and that for a small sum are usually most helpful!!!

On the right you’ll see Maureen at her favourite hobby – shopping!!

First thing in the morning we head off back no doubt to miserable cold weather back in the UK and for me, a repair job no doubt on the email which packed in yesterday. My job for next week – figure out how to make it completely reliable for our next trip to Spain – which will be in the very near future to sign papers and get the ball rolling on our new house.

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