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Shop thy neighbour

I have never in all my days of reading the local papers, read of such a horrendous scheme as that reported in the Newcastle Journal today, proposed by the police in Swarland near Alnwick – in which they propose that neighbours anonymously shop drivers they THINK are speeding talk about abdicating responsibilities!! The first thing that came to my mind when I read this, was the McCarthy era in the USA in which residents were encouraged to shop potential communists or even Russia under the thumb of the CCCP.

How on EARTH would someone who does not drive a car be able to accurately gauge whether or not a driver is speeding and does ANYONE really believe we have the self discipline NOT to shop those we dislike? Given the opportunity to anonymously and safely shop a speeder I’d imagine a healthy minority, perhaps the majority would use this as an opportunity to shop the fellow who persistently uses up their parking space or perhaps the neighbour who’s been rude… whatever happened to accountability?

There are many schemes for slowing down motorists, the much-hated speed bumps being a prime example, solar-powered warning signs being another this is NOT the solution and it will bring out the worst in people. This pathological hatred of motorists would not be so bad if our police were more successful with other types of crime like burglary. How about letting us bash the life out of burglars as many of us would love to do that’d be a more useful way of doing the law’s job.

If someone shops me on suspicion of breaking the law I want to know who they are so I can sue them when their accusations are proven false! This is not right.

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