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Posts Tagged ‘A week in Galera and ther distant memory of Boston’

Was I dreaming?

My recent high tech trip to MIT in pool at galeraBoston, USA seems like a distant dream, mind you given the hassle I had with useless-as-shit Iberia Airlines it’s probably just as well. On 2nd of August I travelled from Alicante to Boston via Madrid. At the intermediate stop, Iberia Airlines managed to misplace my one and only bag. I put a claim in for the fact that I had to buy clothes thanks to them losing my gear.

Meanwhile all is well here in Spain – the weather is still hot as you like. We’ve had storms but they always seem to be somewhere else with one exception, Maureen and I went off to a bar in nearby Castillejar and the heavens opened up, flooding the streets for at least half an hour – mind you – it was still 22c at the WORST point and soon warmed up again. None of yer English freezing cold rain storms.

This week we’re likely to take a trip to Granada, some of our friends are off home to the UK (sadly) so it’ll be a little quieter from now on – still – that’s fine – there’s no shortage of things to do around here and I suspect more than one package from China will turn up this week to keep me occupied.

Back to my jobs. Today I’m putting new screens on windows – and a spot of cementing.

Update November 2015: In August I had immediately started a discussion with Iberia Airlines who gave me someone else’s lost baggage number just to make matters worse. Despite many conversations and a written acknowledgement that they had lost my baggage and would compensate me accordingly (I had to buy clothes) – mid-November I still have had nothing from the airline and have had to report them to the CAA. Why is it always this way with big companies…