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Very Quiet Summer in this Blog

It’s quiet in here as I’m not in the UK. Maureen is however, so I’m sure we’ll soon have some new photos of our cottage in Bellingham – I’ll just remind her. Meanwhile, I’m bored to death after eating something “off” last night and dare not leave the house.

I have no new photos and could not draw if my life depended on it so I thought I’d post something I’ve been playing with – art created by artificial intelligence. It seems appropriate at this time to mention the Queen, so I popped nothing more than the text below into one of the latest online toys. Out came this group of images – I hope they’re suitably respectful.

“Queen Elizabeth, light green dress and coat, with three corgie dogs in heaven, cinematic, 3D render, full body, 4k resolution, very detailed, photo realistic –ar 16:9”

AI Art - simple attempt at the queen in heaven with the dogs

Not sure where the background statues/people are coming from in the first 2 images – and I’m not even sure the BOT knew who Elizabeth is (was) but the general idea isn’t far off. That’s it for now.

If anyone wants to investicate this tool further – here’s a link. The tool is available on DISCORD. Enjoy.