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Logmein Replacement

And why would you want to replace Logmein? Because right about now… the free version is about to stop working.

After many, many years the Logmein people have finally decided for whatever reason that they can’t support the community that has promoted them for so long and are going completely commercial.  I use Logmein on all my machines – BUT I use it so infrequently that it simply is not worth paying. I must access a machine once a month if that.

So what are the alternatives  – I went out looking and half of the so-called alternatives want someone at the other end to enter a code !!! Not much use if the machine is in your office on it’s own. Well, to cut a long story short – TEAMVIEWER seems to do the trick – for private use it’s free and you can put a code in your machine to let you access it remotely without interaction at the other end – you also have file transfer which was ALWAYS commercial in Logmein.  Works for me!

Peter Scargill