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Posts Tagged ‘Road Holes in Northumberland and lack of action from the council’

Road Repairs and Northumberland County Council

I’ve put this together to make it easy to ship a link to various people – the entire world if need be until I get a road near our property fixed. Initially I was told the road was owned by Alnwick Estates, they then absolutely insisted that they’d sold it to Northumberland County Council NCC – and so it goes on – meanwhile the holes get bigger and bigger.


Here’s the location – just off the main street in Bellingham – see the pink circles… and here’s a couple of the more dangerous holes – they are by no means the only ones.


Filled up with water at night these are a danger to life and limb – not to mention car suspensions.  I’ve been writing now since the winter and such is the lack of energy of the departments I’ve dealt with – the holes are still there – despite pointing out that they are DANGEROUS.

Well, I’ve just found the email address for the highways agency – of course they probably don’t do ordinary roads, julst the likes of the A69 etc, but I can but try – I’m not getting anywhere with other people so far.   (‘ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk’) – here’s their website. http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=702

There are similarly dangerous holes on the road from Bellingham to West Woodburn, maybe 100 metres or more on the left just before you get to West Woodburn – we nearly took out our suspension one night in the wet – I reported the problem – nothing…..

I guess next stop the local newspapers?