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A Simple Facebook App – August 2011

This is about my first Facebook App -  up and running. Content management system, the works.

Now why did I put the date in there – because every time I went looking for help about Facebook APPS – it was out of date!  All I have to do now is get the number of LIKES up so I can have a decent name for the page.

If you follow our Bedrock pages and you’re on Facebook- here’s an easier way! Just press the LIKE button below. Sometime I’ll do a write-up on how I did this. Click on the mess below and you’ll get a Facebook LIKE button.

Essentially what you’re looking at on the Facebook page is an embedded blog. This is hosted separately, not on Facebook – and I used a pretty standard PHP APP framework to start the ball rolling and get it on my site – from there on it’s just a specially adapted template to fit into the rather restrictive Facebook page space.

If you want to know more, try the contact page on the App.