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Tales from the Battlefront

As I sit here first thing on Tuesday morning in my hotel in Victoria, London, I can’t help get the feeling we’re in for a rough ride. The G20 summit is soon upon us and already the mood is grim. According to the papers, the Met have cancelled all police leave this week and in the single biggest operation to date, they’re planning to deploy more than 10,000 officers, many armed with 50kv Taser guns – at a cost of £7.2 million.

Demonstrations are expected to bring London to a grinding halt later in the week though my taxi driver figures we’ll be ok around Victoria area as “London’s a big place”. Others are not so sure.

According to one finance worker “We’re not going to wear our Rolexes next week – and we’ll put ‘down with capitalism’ T-shirts to fit in”.

I’ve been running small businesses all my life and to be fair I think the press are keen to differentiate us from the big boys – but I can see where large groups of people faced with constant simultaneous reports of redundancies on the one hand and massive payouts to the super-rich on the other hand, would be thinking someone’s just taking the mick.  Perhaps it IS time to rethink the role of large businesses in this world..  If a company does great because of one individual I can see where monetary rewards are justified but it seems all so one-sided – when things go bad the rich never seem to pay for mistakes. 

Watch this space for significant updates as the week goes by.

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