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The Price of Fuel Tax

Note that the title was deliberate – it isn’t so much the price of fuel – as the tax the government is ripping us off for!

Remember back in, what was it, 2000 when we were all up in arms about the cost of fuel? I remember walking into the FSB’s London office, I was a rookie at the time but a couple of us had this idea for a “yellow ribbon campaign” – the idea being to get a ribbon on every car to show how much we were disgusted with the increases in the price of fuel and more’s the point, how the government was cashing in. How far backwards we’ve all gone since then – at the time of writing we’re up to around £1.10 a litre in the Northeast of England and NO-ONE IS BATTING AN EYELID. It’s as if we’ve all given up hope.

As the price of crude oil continues to rise, so does the rakeoff that our government takes back – and it’s a significant amount. SURELY any government who actually CARED about their public would put a total cap on the AMOUNT (both duty AND VAT) so as to minimise the suffering – but not this government – of course the cynic might say that they’d rather we could not use our cars and were forced instead to use the crappy public transport that, at least where I live is pretty much a non-starter.

So what next… £1.20 a litre, £2.00 a litre? £5.00 a litre – at what point do we say enough is enough?

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