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This rotten government speaking on our behalf

The UK’s longstanding opposition to human spaceflight will be no bar to its citizens becoming astronauts, the European Space Agency (Esa) says.

Officials made it clear at the start of a recruitment drive in London that Britons were very welcome to apply.

Although a major Esa member, the UK currently refuses to fund human spaceflight, believing robotics to be a more worthwhile space activity…

So goes a recent BBC report.

In case anyone outside of the UK is in any doubt – let me be clear – it is ONLY our crappy socialist government that thinks this – the British people were never ONCE asked our opinion on this subject….. or maybe it’s just the BBC who’s record on defending British views isn’t exactly sterling… I’d just like to say that I don’t know ANYONE who’s against human spaceflight…. how many of you remember the various robotic flights other than the ones to MARS? Answer – no-one because we don’t really relate to this – despite timescales MOST of us relate to the guys walking on the moon because they were just frail HUMANs achieving something that no-one has ever done before – walking on another planet.

I get SO annoyed when people speak on my behalf without having the courtesy to ASK me first!! The more British people we get up into space – the more experience and knowledge we get – the better – SOMEDAY when we have a government with VISION, we may just take our OWN leaps into space – in the way that even third world countries are now working towards…

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