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Archive for December, 2009

An unfortunate bath

Ollie and MotherOur little kitten had his first bath the other day. Like his mother he’s taken to hovering around the bath and given the opportunity, drinking gallons of soapy bathwater (I know – Yechh). Anyway, I’d half filled the bath, turned the water off and was just about to leave the bathroom when in ran little Ollie (ginger, a few months old, half-moggy, half Main Coone) jumped up and immediately ended up under water.

Of course as this was his first time I was terrified of sticking my hands into the bath in case they ended up shredded but hey, Maureen would kill me if I returned a dead cat.. Amazingly although his immediate reaction was to swim to the side, he didn’t as much as put his claws out. Since then he’s had his first venture outside the house and seems to have taken to the rain quite readily. His mother likes nothing better than to get wet and it looks like she’s passed this on.

I’ve had cats all my life and never come across anything like these two.

Solar power good for who?

So… I was watching Horizon on the BBC tonight (briefly) and they were ranting on about a village who are making a bomb out of solar power. Apparently they came to a deal with the solar power company who fitted a windmill and they share the profits.

So every year the villagers get their cut and they’ve thought of all sorts of ways to spend the money.  Sounds like green HEAVEN.

But hang on a minute.. is it not the case right now that the windmill manufacturers are heavily subsidised by the government… that means US.. So logically, following on from that, does this mean that the windfall these would-be village capitalists are enjoying, is not being made available because of the green-ness of their purchase – but because WE’RE subsidising them???  Tell me if I’m wrong…