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The Scargill Name

The first reference to Scargill was in the Doomsday book of 1086 in which the place itself is mentioned.

The building on Scargill Farm is all that remains of Scargill Castle. The earliest person I have so far found is a Warin de Scargill, then the lord of the manor of Scargill. The family owned this manor until the early 16th century by which time they also owned a considerable amount of land in the Leeds area. During the intervening time, members of the family fought in the Crusades, the English-Scottish wars and held offices such as Sheriff of Yorkshire – they were quite wealthy! The last of the direct male line – Sir Robert Scargill died in 1531 and there is an effigy of him and his wife Jane in Whitkirk church near Leeds. Offshoots of the family had also migrated to the Sheffield area by this time where they became very prominent in the 16th and 17th centuries (a Scargill Street remains to this day) and from there spread to other parts of Yorkshire, particularly the area around Dewsbury, specifically Thornhill in around 1660, and also other parts of the country. Both Arthur Scargill of NUM fame (born in Barnsley incidentally) is descended from the Thornhill Scargills as are many of the present day Scargills.

Warin de Scargill, Lord of Scargill, temp Henry I, Stephen, & Henry II, issue three children:-

  • Milo de Scargill, married Juliana dau. Robert Fulebeck of Cumberland
  • William
  • John

Milo de Scargill (1a) inherited Lordship of Scargill & was living in1193.

Warin de Scargill, (2a) Lord of Scargill, living 1200, married Agnes dau Robert de Rokeby.issue

  • Warin de Scargill.
  • Robert de Scargill, living 1245, married Juliana, dau William de Wyke, with issue John, living 1280, and Agnes, married John son of Galfred de Hudeswell.
  • Alan de Scargill of Sedbury juxta Gilling, died 1275 married Petronilla, with issue William de Scargill, living 1278, married Margaret, issue Thomas living 1278. & Richard de Scargill living 1262, married ?, dau. Agnes killed at Richmond 1278.

Warin de Scargill, (3a) Lord of Scargill, living 1258, married Margery, dau Roger de Hunton, issue:-

  • Sir William de Scargill.
  • Hugh de Scargill of Ravensworth, living 1267, married Erneburga, a son Adam de Scargill living at Ravensworth 1278.
  • Hervey de Scargill, living 1280, married Anabella – a dau, Johanna married Galfred de Ellerton.
  • Henry de Scargill of Newsham in Broghtonlithe died 1278, married Petronilla – a son William de Scargill living 1286, married Alicia, dau of Gervase de Newsham.
  • Warin de Scargill, of Newsham, living 1282, married Isabella de Leeming – a son Warin married Margery.
  • John de Scargill living 1301, married with a son Robert, living 1303 who married Juliana dau Gervase de Newsham
  • Roger de Scargill, living 1305, married Johanna de Washington, issue Roger de Scargill of Newsham living 1308, married Matilda dau Brian Pigot of Manfield.

Sir William de Scargill, Knight, (4a), Lord of Scargill, died 1277, married Margaret dau Eudo de Skirwith, issue:

  • Sir Warin de Scargill
  • Galfred de Scargill of Edenham, living 1300.

Sir Warin de Scargill, (5a), Lord of Scargill, siezed of the Manors of Thork Stapleton, Quyk, Saddleworth ect., in right of his wife, Claricia (Clara) daughter & co-heir of Robert de Stapleton. Clara was the last of the descendants of Gilbert, who had leased the Manor from the del Laceys. By this marriage, Scargill inherited the Stapleton estates which remained in the family until about the end of Henry VII’s reign. Both are buried in Darrington Church, near Pontefract, after helping to rebuild it, adding and restoring the fabric already begun by Henry de Lacey.

On the north side of the chancel is a Lady Chapel sometimes called the Scargill Chantry, or the Stapleton Chantry. At the east end of the south aisle in Darrington Church is a stone effigy of a meek lady. In a niche between the chancel and the Lady Chapel is an effigy of a knight, which are undoubtedly the figures of Warren de Scargill and his lady Clara de Stapleton. These two also gave three bells to the church tower. One still remains, dedicated to St Michael.

The Chapel, built towards the middle of the 13th century, is referred to in the will of Thomas Mansell of Cridling, who names it the Chapel of St Mary Virgin. In 1565 William Scargill of Cridling gave instructions that he be buried at Darrington Church.

They had issue:-

  • Sir William de Scargill.
  • Thomas de Scargill, father of Milo de Scargill, living 1313.
  • Warin de Scargill, lord of manor of Quicke, living 1313, married Cecilia , & father of John de Scargill of Danby Wiske, living 1356, mar. Alicia d. Peter de Thornhill.

(some info supplied by Andy Scargill ascargill@portables2.ngfl.gov.uk )

Sir William de Scargill, (6a), Knt., died 1308, Lord of Scargill, Stapleton, etc., married Alicia d. Guischard de Charron, Lord of & Constable of Bowes Castle, issue:-

  • Sir Warin de Scargill.
  • Alan de Scargill, parson of Almanby, Yorks.
  • John de Scargill of Bowes, Clayton & Gernesley, Yorks, died 1360, Custodian of Bowes Castle, married Alicia dau Thomas fil Eve.
  • Sir William Scargill, Knt of Thorpe, died 1356, married 1316, Johanna d. Sir John de Breus, Knt issue
    • John Scargill of Frithby, 1395 father of William Scargill of Frithby
    • Sir William Scargill of Thorpe, Bolton, Morley & Butterby 1369 married Roesa d Thomas Roos of Manyngham, issue Thomas Scargill of Thorpe, living 1428; Roger Scargill d 31 Henry VI; Johanna marr a Mirfield; Margaret mother of John, father of Thomas, father of Catherine living 1429 married John Fairfax.
    • Richard S. father of Richard S. of Henley-on Thames, father of Richard S. living 1452.
  • Henry S. of Newsham living 1360.
  • Alan de Scargill living 1343.
  • Hugh de S. living 1369
  • Robert de S. of Scargill d 1374, married 1st Alicia, 2nd Elizabeth.

Sir Warin de Scargill, Knt., (7a) Lorde of Scargill, Saddleworth etc., d 1349, married Margery de Holland, issue:-

  • Sir William Scargill
  • John Scargill of Stapleton-juxta-Wentbridge, living 1358.

Sir William Scargill, Knt, (8a) Lord of Scargill, Thorpe Stapleton, etc, living 1369, married Johannad of Elias de Smetheton, issue:-

  • Sir John S.
  • Robert S, parson of Thornton, Yorks, living 1446.
  • Thomas Stapleton, of North Milford living 1392, marr Johanna d. Thomas de North Milford.

Sir John Scargill, Knt, (9a) Lord of Scargill, Thorpe Stapleton, etc. d 1399 married Johanna d. of Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, issue:-

  • Sir William S.
  • Roger S. of Scargill living 1433, father of John S. of Scargill living 1461.
  • Henry S. of Roche, Yorks, marr, 2 sons; Robert S. of Altofts living 1458 mar Elizabeth: John S. Of Roche living 1457, father of Warin and William S. of Roche, latter father of:-
    • William S. of Roche d. 24 Sep 1538
    • Robert S iii) Ralph S. iv) Henry S.
    • Thomas S. father of John S, father of Henry S. of Roche living 1538.
  • Thomas S. of Lede (will 1432) marr Johanna dau Sir Roger de Ledes, issue:- Johanna; John Scargill of Ledes, marr Alicia dau Henry de Rokeby, issue:- Katherine; Thomas; Euphemia; Robert & Johanna marr Robert Boswell of Aberford.

Sir William Scargill, Knt, (10a) Lord of Scargill, Thorpe Stapleton, etc, at Agincort, living 1435, marr Maria granddau Sir Roger de Ledes, issue:-

  • Sir William S.
  • John S. of Dene, living 1453.
  • Jane S. marr Gerard Salveyn of Coxhoe, Durham.
  • Isabella

Sir William Scargill, Knt, (11a) Lord of Scargill, Thorpe Stapleton, etc, d 20 Dec 1497, marr Elizabeth dau Clervaux, issue:-

  • Sir William S.
  • Robert S of Scargill, d 1494

Sir William Scargill, Knt, (12a) Lord of Scargill, Thorpe Stapleton, etc., marr issue:-

  • Sir William Scargill Snr., Knt.,
  • William Scargill Jnr., of Thorpe Staleton and Wakerley; father of Robert S. of Thorpe Stapleton d. temp Mary I; father of Robert S. of Thorpe, d temp Eliz. I; father of Robert S. of Thorpe living 1608.

Sir William Scargill, Snr, Knt., (11a) Lord of Scargill, Thorpe Stapleton etc., d 20 Jun 1530, marr Elizabeth

Sir Robert Scargill, Knt., Lord of Scargill, thorpe Etc., marr Johanna d Christopher Conyers, Lord of Marske, issue:-

  • Maria S. b. 1510, marr Sir Marmaduke Tunstall * of Thurland Castle, Cumb., Lord of Scargill
  • Margaret S. b 1513, marr John son of Sir William Gascoigne of Cardington.
    ****Descent through Tunstall of Scargill to Clifford Constable family.

I recently discovered that an AGNES SCARGILL was born in Liversedge, Yorkshire in about 1415, there is also a “Scargill Mann and Co” Chartered Surveyors in Derby, also an Ian Scargill, a magistrate serving on the Oxford bench. If any of these chaps care to share any further information about the name Scargill, I’d be happy to hear from them.

Here’s more: I received email from a Rob. R. Scargill who lives and works in North Queensland but was born and bred in Yorkshire and was brought up in a village called Woodlesford near Leeds where all his family still resides. His father and grandfather where both born and raised in a village called Kippax, just North of Castleford. Grandfather (Frank b.1904) was a coal miner, as was his father before him (also Frank). Father is a sales rep (Colin b.1940).

The mining bug is in Rob’s blood and he joined the National Coal Board following school at the time that our illustrious namesake was running his national strike. He studied Mining at Nottingham University and then emigrated to Australia, where the mining industry is booming. His father once met Arthur Scargill when he was just a union rep at Woolley Colliery near Barnsley, they sat and chatted for couple of hours but could find no link between the two families.

Although obviously they are related if you go back far enough. Brother Andrew Scargill is a Manager at a chemical plant in Bradford. Andrew was quite an accomplished sportsman playing schoolboy Rugby Union for Yorkshire and eventually signing on with Leeds RL. Now he is a practising parent.

(My father met Arthur at Tynemouth once, apparently they got on well even though they were at opposite sides of the political fence)

Other references to Scargill:

Scargill House in Skipton; in fact there are many structures and geographical features round about Skipton which all bear the name.

Scargill Street appears in DH Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers.

Anthony Scargill contacted me by email with this….

A few years ago he started doing some research into his family tree. His Dad (who was called Arthur Scargill) came from the pit village of Clayton West near Barnsley and HIS Dad who was Frank died quite young from a mining related disease. Anthony’s Dad’s grandfather was Walter Scargill and he was a miner and is buried in Emily graveyard. He in turn was the son of Thomas Scargill who was born in March 1834 and died in 1902. He married a Jane Rhodes in 1856.

Arthur Scargill the Miners’ Union Leader was vaguely related to Anthony’s family (via cousins apparently). He was born on the 11th January 1938 in a very old one-up, one-down collier’s house on Pantry Hill, a steep back street in Worsbrough Dale, two miles south of Barnsley. His father Harold was a quiet spoken man by all accounts, a miner and a devout Communist, though not particularly prominent in the small local party. Harold Scargill was a coal miner (hewer) of 6, Wellington Crescent, Bank End, Worsbrough Dale and on the 30th January 1932, at the age of 25, at Barnsley Registry Office he married Alice Pickering – also aged 25.

Anthony has visited the village of Scargill in North Yorkshire and has found Scargill Low Farm, Scargill High Farm and a rather grand house called Scargill Lodge. He has also visited Kettlewell in Wharfedale and viewed Scargill House which is run by a Christian Community (e-mail : Scargill.house@dial.pipex.com).

He was born in Cheadle in Cheshire on the 3rd September 1952 and after attending Leeds University became a school teacher in Liverpool. I now live in Chester. He has a brother called Garry. Both his parents are now dead. He does have one uncle still alive in Clayton West, he is Thomas Scargill. He also has many cousins in the Wakefield area.

Kevin Scargill recently contacted me. Here’s his information.

I was born in Barnsley, moving down south for work reasons, but am descended from the Emley Scargills (my father was born there and my uncle still lives there – both miners at Emley Moor colliery) and in fact the aforesaid Thomas was my g.g.g.uncle. His eldest brother – John (1829-1912) was my g.g.grandfather. A younger brother – Joseph (1837-1906) moved from Emley to Leeds in the 1870s with his son Frank (1866-1927) who I believe is the same Frank (senior) mentioned by your other correspondent – Rob R Scargill.

Over the past 20 years, I have researched the Scargills extensively including the Emley family who all descend from a Thomas Scargill (1765-1830 – grandfather of Thomas, John and Joseph above) who moved to Emley in the 1780s from Thornhill where the family goes back to 1660 and before that probably from the Sheffield area. If either Rob or Anthony are interested in further details of their Scargill family history in Emley, they are very welcome to e-mail me at the address below.

The link to Arthur Scargill of NUM fame is more remote than suggested but has been confirmed. He is descended from the Thornhill Scargills and has no direct link with Emley: His father Harold (1906-1989) was the illegitimate son of Clara Scargill (b.1887) whose father Godfrey (1857-1892) was born at Thornhill (but later moved to Woolley near Barnsley), the illegitimate son of Ann Scargill (b.1836) who later married William Halstead. Ann was the daughter of John Scargill (1805-1871) who in turn was the son of Joseph Scargill (1779-1850), son of John Scargill (1751-1832), son of Richard Scargill (1705-1775) who was the great uncle of Thomas Scargill, the ‘founder’ of the Emley Scargills.

I believe that Anthony, Rob and myself are 4th cousins based on the Scargill family link and that we are all 8th cousins of NUM Arthur. I do not have information which definitely links up to the Barnsley family details submitted by Jonathon Scargill. However, from my knowledge of the Barnsley Scargills prior to 1900, I can say that many are descended from Richard Scargill (1768-1850 – born in Thornhill) who was the cousin of the Emley ‘founder’ – Thomas Scargill. Other Barnsley Scargills are descended from later offshoots of the Thornhill Scargills (e.g. NUM Arthur) and also from Dewsbury and Emley. For more details contact kscargill@dera.gov.uk

And Brian A. Scargill currently in the USA

My name is Brian A. Scargill Sr. of Washington Twp., New Jersey (USA). I too met my wife (Melanie) of twelve years in Philadelphia. We currently have two children, Brian Jr. (12) and Alexis (6). I believe you have had some contact from my elder brother, John. As much as I am interested in the history of the Scargill name, I am equally interested in the history of my hobby, and passion, golf. Are there any Scargill’s on your side of the Atlantic who also play or have played golf? brimel227@prodigy.net

And David Scargill

My name is David Scargill, I was born in Womwell, in 1954, son of William Henry, and Dorothea Denton, and as far as I am aware I am the last of my line in this country, although I have a male cousin in canada (Ian). My grandparents were William Henry and Mary Louisa Tyas, their children were, Joan, Renne, Walter,(emigrated to Canada), Hilda, (emigrated to australia), Norman, (killed at cortonwood pit), Albert Edward,(died on the Royal Oak, Scappa Flow) and my dad William Henry. This is the only information I know, but would like to find out more, and I hope this information may help someone else.

And another…..

My husband’s family are Creswick’s who came from Sheffield many generations ago. Many of them were cutlers and silversmiths. Our James Creswick was born before Sep. 15 1678 in Sheffield and died before the 9th of December 1744. He married Ellin Scargill who may have been the daughter of George 10 Feb 1706/07. Ellin was born in 1681 and died before Dec 27 1738 in Sheffield.

Something here from Stephen Scargill – living in Skipton

My name is Stephen Scargill, and I currently live in Skipton. I was born on the 7th July 52. My son Timothy (10/1/81) is studying English Education & Drama at Cambridge University. My father was Henry, a miner at Houghton Main Colliery until he retired aged 65. He died age 72 in 1982.

His father was Samson, also a miner who worked at Houghton Main Colliery until he was well into his 70’s. He died in 1963 aged (I think) 83. He had married an Irish lady – not surprisingly called Mary Kelly, but they separated on his return from the Great War. As well as my father they had a daughter Margaret, who died in the late 60’s/ early 70’s. She had one son, Norman who was a Scargill, and he in turn had two children, a son Alan and a daughter Karen.

During the war Samson attained the rank of Sergeant Major, and was awarded the Military Medal for rescuing wounded servicemen under heavy enemy fire. My brother Malcolm (2/5/37) has the fully inscribed gold watch that was presented to him by his colleagues at Houghton Main on his return from the war. Malcolm has two sons, Christopher and James, and they have live in North Norfolk for many years. Christopher has one son, Harry.

As well as Malcolm and me my parents had a daughter Wendy, who married a Hardcastle. We originally lived in Darfield, where Wendy still lives. I contacted a guy called – yes I do mean this – Arthur Scargill who lives(d?) in Shipley a few years ago after hearing a local radio feature about him, after he was given an MBE – you can imagine the non too subtle attempts at humour, more so then than now when our beloved miners leader Arthur was in his pomp. However he came across as a very interesting man whose hobby it turned out was geneology, and he had done some considerable research into the Family Tree. I was able to uppdate him with some information that he did not possess, but he was already aware of Samson my grandfather. He was also able to tell me that Arthur (the miners leader) ought actually to have been called Gilfillan. This was apparently because Arthurs grandfather was born out of wedlock to a lady whose surname was Scargill, who at some stage subsequently married the father of the child. However in the intervening period the illigitimate son was given his mother’s surname, and it was never changed to his real father’s name – which was Gilfillan.

I only have a letter from Arthur in Shipley explaining this, but he seemed to know his stuff, so I have no reason to doubt it. Good luck with your research.

And something from Andrew Scargill (a.scargill@btinternet.com)….

My name is Andrew Scargill, currently living in Lincolnshire but born 1968 in Doncaster. My father, Bryan was born in 1939 in Moorends, Doncaster, South Yorkshire which is, or was, a large pit community. His father, Godfrey was born in 1909 in Grimethorpe, Barnsley (again another large pit community).

I work as a Health & Safety Advisor for a manufacturing organisation based in Sheffield, after six years serving in the Army. During a spell in Berlin, I had a brief romantic liaison with a girl Scargill, who’s first name I cannot remember, but she originated from the West Country.

My father worked as a machine operator for 25 years in a glass making factory in Doncaster – he is now retired

I would be particularly interested in finding the definition of our surname, what it means, as I would like a smart retort to the constant question 

And Frank Scargill ( scargill@grapevine.com.au) who lives in Australia!

My name is Frank Scargill, born in Northenden, Manchester in October 1939. Now living in Canberra, Australia. My fathers name was Frederick Scargill (born somewhere in Yorkshire), Mother Vera Scargill (nee Alcock) born in Manchester, Lancashire. Dad was born in 1904 and my mother in 1906 (both past away in South Africa). No matter how hard I try, I cannot find any history on them. If anyone has any information that will connect me with my parents past, I would be very grateful for the detail

“Are you related…?”

Thanks for ALL of your wonderful contributions – Anyone out there with more – or perhaps some corrections??? Did folk give you a hard time when Arthur Scargill was popular? Like Andrew, the standard one for me was hearing, after introducing myself “oh, any relation? I’ll bet everyone asks you that”. Send us your email via the contact page and let everyone hear your story…