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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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Archive for August, 2023

Did global warming miss out Northumberland?

Not sure how but we seem to have missed out on the heatwave over in Northumberland. I was there for Christmas 2022 and New Year to help get our new place in Bellingham in shape. I manage to capture what little sun we’ve had in photos of the nearby church and equally dead local baker.

Church in Bellingham - winter photo

Closed until January 9, 2023 it seemed hardly the best way to recover from pandemic/recession. Anyway, our house is in good order and being checked on regularly by friends.

July 2023 update

In July 2023 we were back in Bellingham for a short while – it seems that there was a dire situation at the bakers over the new year but checking now all seems as normal at least for now – and CONSIDERABLY better value than Greggs (rip off) bakers. Weather in July as you’d expect – some sunshine and lots of drizzle.

Sunny mornings, rainy afternoons in Bellingham

Although we got off to the above bad start, on July 30 we had clear skies at night while visiting our friends up at Lemmington Hall near Alnwick (Northumberland).

Life at Lemmington Hall
Life at Lemmington Hall
Life at Lemmington Hall

For more regular updates on our general lives, check our Bedrock site https://spain.scargill.net and for REALLY regular updates our friends can catch us on Facebook etc.

Life at Lemmington Hall

I tend to use this site now just for UK-specific stuff. Maureen is back in the UK for a while, late August and part of September so no doubt we’ll have some updates in here.