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FSB Conference 2015 #FSBConf

ICCWhen I started my involvement with the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) nationally – at the FSB’s Silver Anniversary, I recall the IT Chairman of the time rewarding my efforts for getting the Conference onto a website (well, no-one else was doing it so I figured the Northeast may as well be the first) by thanking me on stage and getting my name wrong. His name was John Harris and I later got to know John well before eventually taking on his role as IT Chairman.

Two years later I made sure we put our first (pretty small and poor quality) recorded videos onto a website and from there, every year, the (small) IT team which I’ve headed up for 14 years has put up an increasingly impressive show of technology which last year extended to near HD video recordings.

Regency HyattThis year it is all change and for the first time we’ve live-streamed the conference. The FSB Conference website has lots of info and there’s a link to an App with full delegate and speaker information.

We’ve been at the ICC in Birmingham and it all started Thursday with the exhibition and AGM and from there we had two full days of Conference on Friday and Saturday during which we had key politicians and business speakers including Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg and George Osborne. All were excellent.

The venue was marvellous and for those of us staying at the Regency Hyatt, that is a very modern hotel which is so close to the venue they are actually connected by a glass and steel enclosed bridge.

During our brief visit to Birmingham we’ve had the opportunity to checkout the various waterways, some great restaurants and bars and generally we’ve had a great time.

The ICC has a fantastic display system and throughout the event, visitors and our people have made GREAT use of Twitter throughout.


Below we see the library – very impressive looking…


and one of many, many bars around the waterfront


and last but not least – the inside of the hotel


More information with full videos at http://www.fsblive.org/ and more information at http://www.fsb.org.uk/conference2015


The FSB’s Annual Conference #fsbconf at the ICC


MillibandWe have just had more than our fair share of celebrities at our Annual Conference which this year is being held in the ICC in Birmingham. I arrived on Tuesday and the festivities began yesterday.

This morning started off with George Osborne doing a really good speech about his views on business and what he feels he is doing to help, then we had Nick Clegg and finally Ed Milliband.

This afternoon there’s Geoff Birch who I was lucky enough to spend quite some time chatting to this morning about Spanish – he’s done a far better job of grasping the language than I have. Very interesting chap.

CleggAnyway, a picture is worth 1000 words and I probably have 1000 pictures – here are just a few.

Met lots of people as this year, David Miles and I volunteered to help out and man the Media Bar and Internet Cafe so everyone heads our way at one point or another. 1000 people in here so it’s quite busy.