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The VAT Change – Did Anyone Notice

Interesting… the government cut VAT from 17.5% to 15% to help boost the economy. No-one thought it would make any difference. The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) did a survey in which 97% of firms questioned said the cut had made “no impact at all” (I happen to know that stat was accurate as I sent the survey out and saw the incoming results), meanwhile the Centre for Economics and Business Research insisted it led to 2 billion in additional sales.

So it the sales didn’t go to the small businesses… where did they go?

The Wrong Stuff

Does this remind you of anything: Britain struggling against the cold in the midst of an economic downturn, Power workers on strike with sympathetic strikes sprouting up all over the country, meanwhile our political rulers spend their time sucking up to the communists.

Well, if you’re pretty old,  you may be thinking about the 70’s – I seem to recall it was called “The winter of discontent”.  It seems our socialist government has learned nothing in the intermediate 30-odd years. A couple of inches of snow and the entire south comes to a grinding halt, meanwhile up in the North I had to cancel a trip yesterday not because my car would not work well on a gritted road but because despite phoning the council, no gritters were forthcoming up our way.  Its not even as if it were a surprise… we had ample warning from the weathermen and we still could not get our act together.

I recall things got so bad in the winter of discontent that my dad went out and bought a Honda generator… and watching the news last night as our racist power workers put us to shame, it seems that I might have to consider the same. But this is not the 70’s – there are a lot more of us and we rely on power to a FAR greater extent than ever before. Can you imagine the horrors awaiting us in a winter this cold without power?

I’d rather not… and as for Gordon Brown sucking up to the Chinese.. is there no moral limit to the phrase “business is business” ??

One Billion Pounds

Once again this government has taken our money – and without asking us decided to turn it into a tool to scrape back votes. A billion pounds is to be given to a select group to help with heating costs. Pensioners and low-income families with children will receive up to 16 pounds a week.

I have no problem with helping pensioners – but which bright spark decided they could spend our money on the second group. Does this mean that low income families WITHOUT children can just get on with it? Meanwhile as fuel costs go up, the rest of us just move further down the chain as we spend more and more on fuel for us AND EVERYONE ELSE. Would not some of that billion pounds have been better spent on developing alternative fuels or subsidising community heating, funding research into better ways to use geothermal heating etc so we can ALL benefit?. Will this help local businesses in the insulation business or will once again the big boys be the only ones to get accreditation and get the business?

It doesn’t matter what I think or you think because this bunch we call government will be spending our money as they they see fit, no consultation, no permission – just take a billion of hard earned taxpayers money, make an arbitrary decision – and go for it.

Hopefully, they’ll soon be in the political wilderness where they belong and not before time.