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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also on occasion in Andalucia in Spain.

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Ready to Rock

Trip from Bellingham to Galera

Here we are, once again all ready to start the unfeasibly long trip to Galera for the summer.

I must say I am looking forward to this – between the snow, rain, hailstones, expensive beer and Comrade Corbyn I really need a break from the UK. Had my last supper (last Indian probably for months) the other night in Hexham and very nice it was too). As everyone’s parts freeze here in the Northeast, temperatures are running up to 22c mid-day in Galera though the forecast says a tad cooler this coming week, probably 20c. Time will tell.

I say we’re “ready” – that’s probably overstating it a little. Yesterday’s painting job came to a grinding halt when thumping great hailstones came from the heavens so the door needs a little work on it. I just started sealing the bath and I’m wishing I’d left it alone.

3 cats, a computer, TV and a boatload of ancillaries including the new fridge need packing into the car before our early departure on Tuesday. There won’t be much room to breath. One route is as bad as the other – but the plan right now is to take the A1 route.

By Tuesday night we should be in Portsmouth where we stop-over, then onto the ferry first thing Wednesday, a LONG trip and the food on the ferry is DIRE unless it has changed in the last 4 months – do we’ve bought a mini-fridge to take with us – it’s good for 4 cans of pop and a few sandwiches.

That takes us through to Thursday morning at which point we alight at Bilbao and start the drive down to Galera.

With luck we’ll be there mid-to-late evening. So much to do, I have a new battery for my solar panels and a new nail gun to fix up the Pergola. That and a little repair work (ALWAYS) and some white paint are priorities as is getting around to see everyone.

Over to www.bedrock.es for the summer.

A fine song

You don’t really get any better than this – while elsewhere in the world idiots are chopping heads off and blowing themselves up –  this – one of the finer products of the 20th century sung by a master.

Life and Kittens

Chloe Scargill

This is our new cat Chloe. She’s very friendly and currently looking after 5 kittens. We’re keeping Chloe – that is providing the boys don’t have her for breakfast and up to now they are being reasonably nice.

So now for those who’re not keeping up – we have Simba, Ruffy and Chloe and right now 5 fantastic kittens, however by the end of the week I expect they will have all been re-housed so we’re enjoying them while we can.

My shedIt’s been a busy week, apart from a slight lull at the start of the week as everyone recovered from the shock of seeing Brussels in pieces.  I’ve been working on code, blogging about some new computer boards I’ve been sent for review, finishing off Maureen’s shed and starting to get stuff from the hold in Hexham back up here – the plan being to get everything here before we clear off to better weather next month for a while. I’m hoping my new hi-tech radar movement sensors will arrive in the next couple of days or so – help make the place a little more secure (apparently these can even sense movement on the other side of a thin wall!)

Chloe doesn’t know it yet but she’s coming with us to Spain!

Chloe and her kittens

The Spanish Weekend

Usually when I’m away on business I have very little time to myself. Lucky then that this particular job over on the east coast of Spain happens to straddle the weekend. Well, not THAT much luck I guess as I agreed to come over here knowing fine well I’d get a weekend to myself.  Yesterday I went off to the coast as it was a sunny day and got some great photos you’ll find over at the Bedrock site.

Today the sky was clear first thing and so the day is likely to be even better.


And so – once I get some breakfast down me I’m off on another adventure. No shortage of new things to do here as I’ve never been to this part of Spain before and up to now just checked out three coastal towns – which are very pretty. Time to get the map out and see what I can find today. Check our the Bedrock site for more.

Maureen has been stopping with our friends Aidan and Helen – sadly the price of flights to get here just for the weekend started creeping up last week and just kept on going. Still, an adventure on your own is better than no adventure at all.