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What UK? We are Screwed

In a historic, democratic vote of 170 million people against 160 million people, Britain voted to leave the EU.

One could say we can’t fight it – that is democracy – but then we democratically elected the Conservatives and that hasn’t stopped labour supporters actively opposing anything the Tories so.

To be sure as a lifelong Tory supporter I could NEVER support Boris – as far as I’m concerned he and that failed ex-education minister Gove have made a significant contribution to our demise.

But here’s the thing – the people who mostly voted against the EU were those with the least time to live – the younger people who should have had a say in their future, are the ones who will have to put up with the results of this for the longest time.

In one fell swoop, half of the country have hastened the destruction of the current UK government and its opposition, have hastened the breakup of the UK and probably caused severe damage to the EU to the benefit of the other trading blocks who would be fools not to capitalise on this. Already racist Farage is in heaven, the Scottish Nationalist Party are already talking of another referendum to split from the UK and this time they will likely succeed – whether the EU will welcome them with open arms is another matter. If they do, then England’s influence will sink further down the toilet bend. meanwhile families are breaking up and friendships are strained, such is the importance of this decision.

The dream of Europe who for centuries spent more time killing each other than not, is in tatters. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland wanted to remain – but I’m ashamed to say the highest numbers for LEAVE were nearer my home in the North.

Meanwhile racist, protectionist Trump will be planning how to make best use of this – and he has no desire to do us any favours.  Putin meanwhile will be quietly enjoying watching Europe fall to pieces – we could not have done him more of a favour. The Chinese will keep quiet – they’re going to win whatever happens. The beginning of the end of the EU has begun. We may have just taken a step back toward the dark ages.

There are those who claim we’ll do deals with the Chinese and America – really? We’ve already insulted Trump so many times that is unlikely if he gets in – and why would either of these large blocs be even remotely interested in a less powerful, more inward-looking England which has just cut itself off from the EU and which may soon cut itself off from the rest of it’s own Island.Trump has proven that a good part of America is racist too – maybe he’ll engineer a return to “buy American” – where will that leave us? Out in the cold?

Please be aware, any of my international friends looking in – I was one of the 160 million who whole-heartedly voted in and of the (currently) 3.5 million who have put their name to a second referendum. I share the grief of those who worked so hard to keep the EU together and the UK within it.

To those who say “I don’t do politics” – sit back and watch – but please don’t blame business as  prices start to rise.

Farage himself said that if BREXIT lost at 52-48 he would want another referendum.  Now that the truth is out – that people were lied to systematically, massive numbers of Brits who believe in the EU should have another say https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215 – but it may not be enough.

For those who say “this is democracy, you lost” – this argument is rubbish. At no point did anyone who filled in the referendum sign away any rights. There are minorities all over the UK who are VERY loud in defending their way of life and we fall over backwards to protect even in the face of massive opposition.. the majority of people in the UK are not gay – yet it would seem that a majority of church-goers oppose and given a chance would not allow for example gay marriage – but we protect them from this – because we believe people should be able to chose their own way of life without interference…. yet here is the greatest minority of all, in numbers so massive that any kind of re-location would be absolutely impossible, who merely want to continue their lives as they’ve always done – as they’ve grown up to expect to go – as European citizens – and half of the country up to now have just, historically told them NO. This cannot be right.

A world of Boris, Putin and Trump.. the thought is enough to make one sick.


We’re there – at last – and all is well – check out http://www.bedrock.es

Ready to Rock

Trip from Bellingham to Galera

Here we are, once again all ready to start the unfeasibly long trip to Galera for the summer.

I must say I am looking forward to this – between the snow, rain, hailstones, expensive beer and Comrade Corbyn I really need a break from the UK. Had my last supper (last Indian probably for months) the other night in Hexham and very nice it was too). As everyone’s parts freeze here in the Northeast, temperatures are running up to 22c mid-day in Galera though the forecast says a tad cooler this coming week, probably 20c. Time will tell.

I say we’re “ready” – that’s probably overstating it a little. Yesterday’s painting job came to a grinding halt when thumping great hailstones came from the heavens so the door needs a little work on it. I just started sealing the bath and I’m wishing I’d left it alone.

3 cats, a computer, TV and a boatload of ancillaries including the new fridge need packing into the car before our early departure on Tuesday. There won’t be much room to breath. One route is as bad as the other – but the plan right now is to take the A1 route.

By Tuesday night we should be in Portsmouth where we stop-over, then onto the ferry first thing Wednesday, a LONG trip and the food on the ferry is DIRE unless it has changed in the last 4 months – do we’ve bought a mini-fridge to take with us – it’s good for 4 cans of pop and a few sandwiches.

That takes us through to Thursday morning at which point we alight at Bilbao and start the drive down to Galera.

With luck we’ll be there mid-to-late evening. So much to do, I have a new battery for my solar panels and a new nail gun to fix up the Pergola. That and a little repair work (ALWAYS) and some white paint are priorities as is getting around to see everyone.

Over to www.bedrock.es for the summer.

A fine song

You don’t really get any better than this – while elsewhere in the world idiots are chopping heads off and blowing themselves up –  this – one of the finer products of the 20th century sung by a master.