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A Day Off

Rosie - Proud Mum

Today I’m taking a day off to concentrate on important things like our new kitties, Stargate Universe… and the blog.

So first things first… Stargate Universe.. I’ve only seen the first episode and half of the second one – and I have to say, this looks like the best yet and I thought Atlantis was good. Buying a large plasma TV was one of our best ideas – really does shows like this justice. The effects in Stargate Universe FAR exceed anything they’ve done before in terms of “realism” if there is such a thing when describing large spaceships. The days of CGI looking like CGI are just about gone (as evidenced by the superb effects in “Surrogates” with Bruce Willis which we went to see last week). Robert Carlyle looks like he was born to play the part and the quality is just bang on. Hallowed be the Ori

Fighting kittens

Its such a long time since we had kittens I’d forgotten how much fun they can be. You can see the proud mum (Rosie) on the left, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such devotion to offspring in a cat yet she’s incredibly generous, no problem at all with us playing with the kittens.  Only a week ago they were struggling to stand on all four paws and yet now they’re running all over, kicking hell out of each other and generally having a marvelous time. Our two older cats are of course having a hard time of this but they’ll get used to the ideas. The problem with kittens is that they are extreme time-wasters.

Once you settle down and start playing with them, before you know, hours have gone by and you’ve done absolutely nothing.

Terror #1


In the above battle scene though it’s not obvious, the four of them are absolutely kicking each other to bits. To the left is witless – and that really is an understatement – but he’s friendly – indeed they all are. Rosie of course is pure-bred – but dad, well, to call it casual sex would be about right.

Of course we’re not keeping them all, current estimates fall between keeping one and two of the ginger ones, one is already signed up to go… which is a shame but as we already have 3 cats including Rosie….

So this weekend I plan on taking it easy, a little work on the house perhaps, a drip to go see District 9 tomorrow – and we have to drop into B&Q as the bargain-basement Freesat kit I just bought has a bust decoder (after I spent hours last night putting the dish together). Good old B&Q.

And now… some coffee I think and back to “Stargate Universe”.

More trouble with kitties


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