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A Nice Clean Browser

Have you noticed how much cleaner the IE8 interface is compared to the past – well that is if you ensure abominations like the Stumbelupon, Yahoo and other toolbars are closed?

Internet Explorer

Nice – but there is still clutter there – and if you’re not on a high-res screen – perhaps you have one of those little EEE computers, the info at the top of the browser can end up taking up much of your screen… so I set about looking up ways to minimise the clutter. I’m increasingly a Firefox fan and here’s my new Firefox setup.

Cleaned up Firefox

Firefox menu popup

As you can see, pretty cleaned up – but what happened to the menu??? I simply reduced it down to a pop-up as you see on the left. And how did I do that?  Simply go get this add-on and follow the instructions for a nice, clean Firefox menu. It’s worth the effort.

But… what about the rest of it? Simple – once you have the compact menu – there is a lot of space to it’s right! Simply right-click your menu area and click CUSTOMISE – not only can you drag items from the options given but you can drag any icon from any OTHER toolbar over to the top – including the back button and anything else – then when you are done – hide all the other toolbars and you end up with something like the image above – but customised to suit your tastes…

I love it. Oh and if you’re into customising Firefox – check out out iMACROS and FoxTab.  No more filling in passwords for me!



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