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A quiet Weekend without the Royal

Ok, I’ll admit, I have nothing against the royal family and no interest either. They fascinate me about as much as does football, rugby and tennis – which is, well, not.

So today with no chance of getting any serious work done and not one to sit around doing nothing (plenty of time for that when you’re dead) I spent the morning in a futile attempt to resurrect some plants.. when that failed and the weather cooled off (I’m not complaining, it’s still sort of sunny here in the Northeast) I decided that I simply could NOT bring myself to watch the Royal fiasco – and so went off in search of a new challenge – which usually means a new game where one blows away Korean soldiers.

Just as I was starting to look, an email came through from some service I signed up to years ago alerting me to bargains and it was this that led me to take a look at Cities XL 2011.   I’ve been a Sim City fan in the past but then they sort of lost the plot and the SIMS did nothing for me in the same way that Coronation Street does nothing for me… I’ve always wanted something a little more powerful – in fact a lot more powerful – something that would not only let me create entire cities but get in there and drive through them – or sit on a street corner watching my creation unfold like some weekend God enjoying the fruits of his or her labour. Well, I have to hand it to the creators of Cities XL – they’ve done it. I’ve not had so much fun for… weeks.

Essentially Cities XL 2011 lets you start off with a blank canvas, dropping in roads and anything from individual houses to blocks of accommodation for everything from chief executives down to factory workers. You can create farms, office blocks, factories, recreation… I mean – just about anything you need for your average city…

Enough blethering – here’s my first attempt. The original quality was great but due to the utter lack of screen video capture programs out there, I stuck my iPhone 3GS on a microphone stand and videoed the screen so it looks a little like one of those cheap Sunday market copy videos…. but I think you’ll get the general idea – this is serious world-building kit – look around -  cost me under 15 quid – worth it for the fun I’ve had today ALONE..

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