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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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A Sunny Weekend in Wark

Here are the results of my hard graft over the weekend – shiny wheels. I can’t believe the effort it takes just to get that black crud off the wheels – it’s as if the brake manufacturers were in league with detergent suppliers!!

Anyway, there it is on our newly gravelled driveway, several tons of stone just to give us enough room to turn the car around!  Why am I parking inside instead of outside? Well, despite living in the countryside we still have a few brain-dead kids in the area and one of my mirrors recently went to meet it’s maker thanks to the kids – with a resulting £250 insurance excess!! It seems that the policy of the insurance companies is that if you can’t prove that someone else did it – you did!  Good job our laws don’t operate that way. So from now on I’m playing it safe and the kids can screw up someone else’s cars – preferably the ones that keep taking my parking space!

Willow Cottage

After a wedding on Friday which culminated in a trip to Costco, we spent the weekend enjoying the good weather. I borrowed a petrol strimmer from our good neighbours Sonia and Chris and went to work demolishing the back garden which, due to pressure on our time had recently grown into a fully-formed jungle. It now once again resembles a garden, however my solar lamps were not so lucky as the strimmer neatly chopped their heads off one by one. Still, it was time for an upgrade anyway, the cheap ones don’t last more than a couple of years as the plastic on the top goes foggy 🙂

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