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Bejewelled Blitz–Tactics

Bejewelled BlitzI’m often asked how I manage high scores every now and then on Bejewelled Blitz on Facebook. For those not in the know, this is a great game that takes exactly one minute to play – and is your classic colour matching game.

So here’s the deal. Always get your daily spin. You might get a lot of points out of it – and in order to take advantage of some of the best offers you need at least 25,000 points. Best to have 30,000 points. Don’t waste them.

Bejewelled BlitzIf you see any MESSAGES – read them – they might be free points. It’ll be obvious if there are messages as a number will come up over the “messages” icon on the left here.

Sometimes I grab the centre boost – which allows you to scramble the gems a couple of times a game. If you get part through a game and you are struggling to find matching sets…. either use this to give you a fresh start – or frankly scrap the game – you really cannot get a decent score if you end up sitting looking at the game – wasting your time – you should be constantly moving gems throughout the game and if you’re not – you’re not going to get a high score.

Bejewelled BlitzTry to make sets of 4 gems. Often you have a chance to make one of several moves- make sure you don’t miss a possible set of 4.

Bejewelled BlitzAt the end of some games you will see all sorts of offers as on the right here – the only one I take is the cat’s eye and only when it’s on offer at 25,000 points or LESS – it does vary!

Don’t forget – when offered – claim those rewards…. and if you’re having a bad day, GIVE UP – your concentration is gone – save up the points and remember that dBejewelled Blitzaily spin.

At the end you see a game that’s not gone badly – the score is 114,000 – had I had a Cat’s eye at the end of that, it’s possible the final score would be at least double – sadly on this occasion I don’t  – but it is easily possible to exceed 200,000 without any of that stuff. It just helps.

Bejewelled BlitzAll trivial stuff – it’s just a game – but it is quite addictive – something I put down to the music and the great motivating voice!

Have fun. Regards  – Peter Scargill.


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