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A New Merc for a new Era

Pete's B-Class Mercedes - BlackThe iPad2 wasn’t the only upgrade this month, yesterday we took my venerable 140,000-miles Mercedes e-class to the dealer in York and exchanged it for a new(ish) black model.

More modern and efficient, it’s not as gadgety as the original would have been in it’s prime but being several years newer and in considerable better condition with black-as-a-black-thing tinted rear windows, it’s a pretty neat upgrade non-the less.

On our way back from the York Merc dealer (via a VERY nice nearby garden centre to which we’ll return) we gave it a hammering at which point I was told to slow down for fear of losing my licence so it has no problems in that regard (diesel but far less truck-sounding than the old gold Merc).

The car already has an auxiliary socket for iPods, meanwhile an iPhone Bluetooth adaptor is on the way, personal number plates being registered and we’ve just sent off for customised floor mats, meanwhile I’ve just discovered where the battery is so I can look at fitting a 250v AC invertor somewhere out of view and a mains socket in a handy location. The next job will be to fit the must-have white LED arrays on the front but that’ll have to wait for a meeting-free weekend.

This one is coming to Spain with us in the summer so it’s important it can charge everything at once!