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EU Cookie Directive

The EU cookie directive basically says that you should allow people the option NOT to accept cookies from you. This is the most ridiculous trash that our European Politicians and UK gold-platers have come up with to date. Firstly they decimate our smallest electronics companies with the CE regulations, then they hinder everyone except real spammers with the UK spam laws and how this.

Most people would not know a cookie from a hole in the ground (and why should they) and the interfering regulators want us to bring these mostly harmless critters to everyone’s attention.

I’ve gathered a fair bit of information on this subject…

Firstly a reasonable explanation of WHAT a cookie is and how it relates to the regulations in force from 25th of May 2012.

The government was all set to start fining people then presumably realised that most of their own sites would not be ready in time – and so backed off – now they say they will NOT fine anyone – at least for a year. Well, that’s what they say, anyway.

Here is an open source solution called cookie consent that allows web designers to enable people to opt in for cookies.

Another called cookie control – this looks nice.

Of course a better way is to stop the government from progressing this – by protesting and explaining how harmful this could be to companies. You can do this by joining the conversation at the FSB website – at their FSB forums.