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Coming home for the Weekend

It’s an interesting afternoon, I’m coming back from London Kings Cross on the 3pm from KK. Having been to a meeting this morning I ended up with an hour to spare and ventured into FOYLES bookshop in London – their technology section beats the pants off the competition (in the case of Newcastle and Gateshead that does not take a lot of doing, the number of computing books in most of the larger stores therein are a disgrace) – I was doing fine until I spotted a book on the iPad being put on the shelves by an Asian fellow, who, when he saw me looking at the book started acting like a zoo-keeper urging me closer to the book then digging a hole for himself by pointing out that it’s not just the young people who can use technologies….. and proceeding to tell me that “older folks” are often overlooked before digging even deeper.

I didn’t care to point out that I’ve more IT knowledge than a school-full of “young people” and don’t feel particularly “old”.  I suppose I could have been really cruel and asked him how he felt about the new features in IOS5…or asked for a critique of the book I’ve just bought therein.  Anyhow,   I’m now armed with something new to read (using JQUERY – about which I’m already up to speed but with a few holes I hope to fill with this book)… and I’m now in coach M just in time for the rain to fall in buckets.

There’s a strange mix of people in here including the crew who seem to be entirely French. One old guy keeps wandering up and down the isle whispering “ah yes” to himself which has given us a few giggles. He looks remarkably like the old fellow on the movie “UP” and clearly isn’t quite with it. Meanwhile the lady just over is struggling to get her iPhone to play through the headset instead of the speakers and just down the way, another lady has spent at least 5 minutes trying to figure out where, on her iPad, to plug her headset into (there are only 4 sides but she managed to go through each of them several times before getting it right).

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