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Control of Diseases

I was watching TV recently with interest. In Japanese airports they now have infra-red cameras which spot people with elevated temperatures – so they can single them out and check if they have some kind of infectious disease as they enter the country – I’m assuming they’re looking for bird flu or whatever.

This reminds me of a trip not that many years ago, when the foot and mouth crisis was in it’s peak in the UK, Maureen and I travelled to the states and when we got to Chicago airport they had a sign asking people from foot and mouth areas to go down a separate line – this we did and they wanted to sterilise our shoes.

I remember at the time thinking what a bunch of pillocks they were – because by this time we’d spent several hours wandering around a plane – and if we HAD a disease on our shoes would surely by now have infected the shoes of the OTHER passengers and the people at any intermediate airports etc.

And now I’m thinking the same about the Japs. Would it not be a LOT more sensible to check people BEFORE they get on the plane?

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