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Wark in 3D

tmp9246While I have no doubt any locals will have already checked out Wark and surrounding places on Google Earth or Google Maps, I wonder if you’ve seen the place in 3D ??

No??? Well, pop along to Google maps (not Google Earth) – and lookup Galera….

Then under MORE – select “street view” – I had NO IDEA they’d been around with the cameras, you can go most of the way up to our place! Anyway, here we are in street view up our street. That’s pretty impressive – but it’s nothing compared to right-clicking the street view image and turning 3D on!!

I’ve just ordered a couple of pairs of red-blue specs from Ebay….. I can’t wait…

tmpFDB6 tmp41F7

Update 22/05/2010 – it wasn’t worth the wait – the 3D is AWFUL. Screwed above a certain height and generally just not very good. I’ll stick with the flat version which is excellent.


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