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iPhone 16G or 32G – that is the Question

Windows MarketPlaceToday’s struggle, is whether to go for the 16 gig or the 32gig iPhone!!  I don’t have a lot of music but I like the odd movie and I plan to install a ton of APPS. But the APPS don’t take up THAT much space…. as the cost from Orange is over TWICE the amount just to get the extra memory… it’s a big decision.. any comments?

I really wanted to stick with the Windows Smartphones – they’re really coming along – but the APPS – don’t get me started… Go to Windows marketplace and you get this (see left) – under 300 apps. Go to Apple – countless thousands…

Update:  The 16gig won on grounds of cost. Orange wanted nearly £200 for the larger model even on a 2-year contract!

The hunt is now on for APPs! Suggestions welcome.. I’ve picked 46 already.

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