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Italian priest Father Bottino says Santa Claus doesn’t exist!

This doesn’t half take the biscuit… Italian Catholic priest Father Dino Bottino is in trouble this Christmas for letting kids in on a secret! According to Dino (wait for it) – Father Christmas DOESN’T EXIST!!!

Apparently Mr Bottino let this bombshell out at a children’s mass in December 2008. He said he had never intended to hurt anyone, but it was his duty to distinguish the reality of Jesus from the story of Father Christmas which was a fable just like Cinderella or Snow White.

Whan a DISGRACE! Did he ask permission from the parents? That would be no. Well children – would you like to give Father Bottino a taste of his own medicine? yes? well, it’s easier than you might think!!

Simply ask him to prove the difference between his God and Cinderella or Snow White… without referring to the bible which as AS YOU KNOW was written by people who were little more than simple farmers with very little knowledge. His ONLY source of “proof” that the person he worships is a book written at a time when people believed in gods of the sun, water, earth and just about anything else they could have a god for. People who had no idea the earth was round, would not have a clue what a star was, had no telescopes, no radio, no TV, most of whom had never travelled overseas and who lived life pretty much in ignorance of most of the facts of nature. Ask him just HOW does he justify standing there preaching about Santa when his own hero is no more or less valid than any other character in popular folk-law.

And who NEVER brings presents!!

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