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This is the UK website for Peter and Maureen Scargill. We live in the Northeast of England and also Andalucia in Spain.

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Making the best of the Snow

Mid-afternoon January 1st 2010 – it just keeps getting better. As the snow continues to fall, the sun has come out at LAST and it’s like Winter Wonderland here in Wark!

If you look at my earlier blog you’ll note a family out in the fields behind our house. Well, SADLY they’ve gone – and I say that because now you can’t see the scale of this MASSIVE snowball – suffice it to say it looks to be at least 5ft diameter. I’m guessing they’ll come back and build a very large snowman at some point – note the blue sky behind – we’ve just gone from a completely white sky to a largely blue sky  – sadly it’s that time of day and the sun is now going down – I have high hopes for a sunny white weekend!

Field in Wark - January 1st 2010

What a DIFFERENCE a bit of sun makes!

Our garden - January 1st 2010

The view from my office

View from Scargill's office - mid-afternoon January 1st 2010

Looking up the street from our front garden – looks like a parking disaster area.

Street in Wark - Janaury 1st 2010

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