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Spaghetti Westerns

Mini-HollywoodWhere would you expect to find the best old Western town? Somewhere in the States? Well, apparently not! Instead you might look at Southern Spain!  What better way to spend a 40 degrees C afternoon than plodding around in the desert and that’s how we spent our day today at mini-hollywood near Almeria.

For more information on what was one a film-set but which is now an altogether excellent theme-park called  Mini-Hollywood, see my brief write-up at our sister website or if you’re travelling in Spain – Carretera Nacional 340 – Km. 4,64, Desierto de Tabernas, Tabernas, Almeria in Spain. Here’s a short series of slides/video scenes I put together… “A trip to Mini-Hollywood”. Click the centre arrow to start the ball rolling.

Check out also the Spanish site for our trip to the excellent Monasterio De Santa Eulalia in Aledo, Totano – great place to visit and stay!

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