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Posts Tagged ‘A Trip to Barcelona and beyond’

A Taste of the Sun

Pretty bleak back in Blighty and has been since Maureen and I came back in November, however this week I’m in Spain, south of Barcelona doing some interesting contract work.


Make no mistake, it gets cold at night down at the coast here near L’Ametlla De Mar– but the sun makes up for a lot and there is nothing remotely like frost.  From the villa the sea is clearly visible.

Somewhere south of Barcelona

I’ve been here since the weekend working on a hi-tech project, this part of which is due to end next Friday when I return to the cold. No mobile phones here (at least, not for THREE users) but the WIFI is ok and now that I’m using LocalPhone that’s almost as good as having a signal.

Maureen is hoping to visit this weekend but the flight prices just keep going up – but checking regularly. Certainly plenty to see here in the local villages – up to now I’ve only been at night so I’m short of pics. Perhaps at the weekend I’ll get time to go enjoy the sun and the view.

Up sharp this morning, no-one around, well, no people around – not a sound indeed. Very pleasant.