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Springtime for Child Molesters

You have to wonder….according to the Telegraph (Saturday Nov 11 2009) “every child in Britain will have their personal details stored on a controversial database”

And so what about THEIR human rights? Not that I’d even dream of suggesting that our government is no better at keeping confidential records than they are, say, running the country, but it’s a well acknowledged fact that the UK government is TOTALLY incapable of keeping a database without some ASS leaving it on a train or losing the CD etc… they just can’t do it.

So really what is happening here is that they’re going to use tax-payers money to collect up all the information that sick people need to feed their fantasies,  then lose the information which will then become available on the black market for £99 for a DVD-full.

We are SO losing the plot on privacy…. and no-one seems to care.