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Mom and Son

Rosie with little Ollie

Another rubbish weather day today here in downtown WARK but at least I’m home as against travelling all other place, after a week of meetings in London going in the evenings from Indian to Turkish to Italian my stomach needs a rest (it’s a tough life). My new Geforce 9800 card just turned up to replace the 7800 before it… 5 minutes with a screwdriver and my Windows 7 graphics performance has shot up 25% – nice.

I was woken up this morning by the sound of rabid cats running the length of the house -  I’m sure they do it deliberately to get me out of bed. Regular readers will know our cat Rosie recently had 4 kittens. Well, the other 3 kittens have gone off to a good home and so now Rosie has only little Ollie to deal with.  Being a mother, all she wants to do of course is groom him – whereas being a male kitten all Ollie wants to do is kill anything that moves… and if it doesn’t move, harrass it until it does – including of course his mother.

She’s developed a great way to handle her son.. if he gets out of hand while she’s trying to lick him to death,  she merely grabs him by both front paws and sinks her teeth into him.  Perhaps a lesson there. We’ve had hours of fun with this as he simply will not stop until she loses her temper and takes a piece out of him.Rosie trying to clean little Ollie

Of course, Rosie is herself less than a year old and so isn’t that much more mature than her son. I got up this morning and before I had a chance to clear off into the office I had a rescue the venetian blinds from the two of them. It’s like being in the audience watching a constant show put on for our benefit.

Check out the before and after pictures below. Education time… mum tries to trip the venetian blinds to bits while toddler looks on – then it’s his turn. Suffice it to say that seconds later they were both banned to the kitchen.

With any luck by the time I go back into the house they’ll be fast asleep and little Ollie build up some energy to rip the house to pieces again this evening.

Rosie training Ollie to ruin the blindsOllie on a training mission to ruin the blinds