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Terror on Flight 253 – When will we learn?

As we sit in the UK enjoying our traditional Christmas festivities, over in the USA once again someone is trying to blow planes up. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab fastened explosive powder to his leg and tried to set of an explosion using a syringe aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Fortunately he failed thanks to incompetence and the bravery of quick-thinking passengers.

Sadly, once again freedom suffers as airlines tighten up security, which means ONCE again because of a particular subsector of religious fruit and nut cases, all of us are to have delays increased and any shred of the “thrill” of flying removed, not to mention the renewed fear of something happening on OUR flight. Not THAT big a deal until you multiply it by the untold millions to whom this applies – and yet we have no say in his punishment!!

I cannot for the LIFE of me understand why they are treating this man in hospital!! Why on earth didn’t they leave him to the press and perhaps the passengers instead of saying to terrorists the world over “don’t worry, if you happen to strap explosives to yourself and have an accident, we’ll look after you in hospital”.

If someone has no regard for their life or the lives of others why on EARTH should we care if they suffer? Apparently he was TOLD to do this. Well here’s a simple solution – provide all the passengers waiting to board planes with a nail each and get a religious leader to come up and tell them to stick the pin in themselves-  and those who do – shoot them on the spot!

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